The ERHG patron the XXVII Scientific Landscape Conference in Cracow: Urban Ecology and Cultural Heritage in the city

The ERHG patron the XXVII Scientific Landscape Conference in Cracow: Urban Ecology and Cultural Heritage in the city

We are proud to patron this year’s XXVII scientific conference in the series of historical dendrology and garden art on the topic Urban ecology and cultural heritage in the city, which will take place 22th and 23th October 2020.

Conference in the series of garden art and historical dendrology is organized by the Institute of Landscape Architecture of the Faculty of Architecture of the Cracow University of Technology for over 25 years. This event has a long and well established tradition of scientific debate and knowledge exchange in the field of historic parks and gardens among researchers in Poland and Central Europe and in recent years has evolved towards the contemporary role of diverse historic green areas and issues of urban ecology.

Natural and urban environment

The 21st century urges us to analyse urban problems and revise its components. Cities in the past followed various evolutionary paths depending on the level of development of the society, its ideology, or financial factors. The key was self-reliant and polycentric production, services, commerce, and finance. What is essential today in the effort to improve the quality of life and support residents throughout the transformation is activities aimed at implementing changes to create friendly and climate-neutral spaces. It is the city that is the focal point of human life on our planet and where critical ecological challenges lie.

The proposed topical scope combines two basic yet highly relevant issues that affect the cities today, the natural and urban environment viewed from various angles and through different relations. Both are investigated from distinctive perspectives, dedicated sciences: ecology and history, respectively, including heritage and monument conservation. Research focusing on urban and suburban zones will be rather interesting.

IX International Edition online

Due to the uncertain pandemic situation, the conference will be organized this year online via Zoom Meeting, restricted to those who have already registered.

The research of the participants will be published in the Sustainability journal (ISSN 2071-1050, IF 2.592), section: ‘Sustainable Urban and Rural Development’ in a special edition: ‘Natural Environment and Cultural Heritage in the City, A Sustainability Perspective’.

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