Adhesion to the European Route of Historic Gardens

An association to support the historical, artistic, social and natural heritage

Park of Pena, Valley of the Lakes © PSML Luis Duarte

Park of Pena, Valley of the Lakes © PSML Luis Duarte

The non-profit cultural association European Route of Historic Gardens is open to all institutions that manage this historic heritage in the context of the Council of Europe countries. The institutions can be public or private. Likewise, all entities that study, protect, collaborate or disseminate the values of historic gardens can be part of the route.

With the adhesion to the ERHG the interested entities will join the Cultural Route of the Council of Europe for the Historic Gardens and give support to the recognition of this historical, artistic, social and natural heritage as part of the common European legacy and in line with the cultural and tourism values contained in the Council of Europe’s Extended Partial Agreement on Cultural Routes.





Because you share our goals and the interest on the Programme of the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe and its brand:


  • It is the oldest and most consolidated Cultural Tourism Programme of Europe
  • It is endorsed by 34 Ministries of Culture of 32 countries of the Council of Europe
  • All the great elements that make up the European Cultural Heritage are represented
  • Certification is free and it is a brand with the support of the Council of Europe
  • It is a quality brand, cultural and tourist, specifically developed for large transnational networks
  • Visibility at the international level
  • It offers training programmes for cultural tourism managers and joint activities
  • Well positioned and in partnership to apply for European funds (lnterregCreative – Cosme – Erasmus + … )
  • The Institute of Cultural Routes has access to all the Ministries of Culture of all the member states and it can provide political support


1.Letter of Adhesion

The Letter of Adhesion is sent to the Association, which responds to the interested party in a short period of time. Please, document to be fullfilled and sent to info @

2. Government Agreement 

Upon acceptance as a new partner, a Government agreement must be sent certifying the adhesion of the petitioner, which it is incorporated – as a full member – at the next Assembly of the Association.


Full members have voice and vote and are those natural or legal persons that acquire such condition by request to the Board of Directors, expressing their associative will with full adherence to our Statutes and regulations with the commitment to assume the inherent rights and obligations. Full members contribute economically to the Association.

Ajuntament de Lloret de Mar


Fundación Aranjuez Paisaje Cultural


consell Mallorca


Gardens of the Royal Castle in Warsaw

The Willanow Palace Museum

Associâo Portuguesa dos Jardins Históricos





Miramare Museo Storico e il Parco del Castello, Trieste



Gallerie degli Uffizi – Giardino di Boboli


Parques de Sintra



Herrenhaeuser Gaerten



Reggia de Caserta




Patronato de La Alhambra y Generalife. Consejería de Cultura y Patrimonio Histórico de la Junta de Andalucía.


LEPL National Agency of Cultural Heritage Preservation of Georgia



The collaborators are those natural or legal persons who, in the opinion of the General Assembly, can advise the Association on specific issues. Collaborators may participate in the assemblies when summoned and will have neither voice nor vote. Collaborators do not have to contribute economically to the Association.


Laboratorio de  Patrimonio y Turismo Cultural de la Universitat de Barcelona


Universitat de Girona Campus Patrimoni Cultural i Natural Parc Científic i Tecnològic UdG


Universidad de Lisboa


Nathalie Devernon

Landscape Architect


Christopher Peignart

Historic Gardens Specialist




The European Route of Historic Gardens (ERHG) is a non-profit association founded by the Town Corporations of Lloret de Mar (Girona) and Aranjuez (Madrid, through the Foundation Aranjuez-Cultural Landscape) and the Laboratory of Heritage, Creativity and Cultural Tourism at the University of Barcelona.

It aims to unite the largest possible number of managing bodies of Historic Gardens in Europe, with the objectives first of forming a stable network and second of obtaining recognition as a Council of Europe Cultural Route for this historic artistic and natural heritage.

The essential aim of the Association is the promotion and awareness-raising of historic gardens, as defined by the International Historic Gardens Committee, ICOMOS-IFLA in the 1981 Florence Charter, in order to form the “European Historic Gardens” Cultural Route. In this way, the Association will create a high-quality cultural and tourist offer, with the intention of developing the places where the gardens are situated.

European Route Historic Garden


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