Meeting at European Institute of Cultural Routes

A large delegation of the European Network of Historical Gardens (REJHIS) headed by its president Jaume Dulsat i Rodríguez visited the Neümunster Abbey of Luxembourg, on December 15th, in order to hold a working meeting with the technical team of the European Institute of Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe (EICR-CoE).

The delegation was received by Mr. Stefano Dominioni (director of the EICR) and part of his technical team. The former director of the institute was present too, Mr. Michel Thomas Penette, advisor of several certified Cultural Routes and a person very linked to the European Programme of Cultural Routes.

The purpose of the meeting was to launch the candidature of the Cultural Route «Historical Gardens of Europe» to the Mention of Cultural Route of the Council of Europe and receive the necessary indications to develop it by the technicians of the EICR-CoE.

The president of the REJHIS introduced the current state of the network and its expectations for obtaining the official Mention of the Council of Europe. Currently,  10 institutions / gardens from Spain, Poland, Italy and Portugal make up the international association that operates the Itinerary project «Historic Gardens of Europe», which will develop in 2018 various joint activities, including the celebration of the II International Forum on European Historical Gardens, in Italy. It will be dedicated specifically to the creation of a large European network of Historical Gardens.

Next February 2018, the REJHIS will hold its annual General Assembly (probably in Warsaw), during which various institutions / gardens will be incorporated, as well as approve the presentation of the project-candidacy to the Council of Europe, which must be drafted and submitted to the IEIC-CdE before September 30th, 2018.